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Protecting Your Home from Mold

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Protecting Your Home from Mold

For most homeowners, mold isn’t something they think about until it is too late.  They don’t realize that it’s often what you DON’T SEE that leads to a costly and worrisome battle with mold.  Here at SERVPRO of North Mobile County, we take pride in restoring homes after a loss, but we also want to help you prevent disasters before they occur.  Mold is actually much more preventable than many other remediation disasters.  Here are some tips to help you prevent mold growth in your home:

  • Keep the humidity level in your home low, preferably no more than 30-50%.

  • Use and maintain bathroom ventilation systems.

  • Use both air conditioners and de-humidifiers.

  • Use exhaust fans in bathrooms

  • Use exhaust fans when using appliances (stoves, dishwashers, etc.)

  • Routinely check indoor sources of moisture (leaky pipes, appliance hoses, faucets, toilets).

  • If you notice water or condensation, quickly pinpoint the source and repair

  • Check all entrances for leaks, stains, and odors.

  • Clean bathrooms with mold killing products like bleach and keep them dry.

  • Watch your water bill; if it is unusually high you may have a leak

  • Turn off your main water valve when you trave

Why Mold is DIY Don't

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

For the weekend warrior, the slayer of Pinterest projects and the ruler of home renovation projects, the idea of hiring someone to do work for them is almost inconceivable.  For them, their home is their most treasured possession and letting anyone else put their hands on their sacred space would be an unforgivable act.  However; even for the most dedicated do it yourselfers, there are some home projects that are better left to the experts.  One of those projects is mold.  We have been asked more than a few times if it is safe to clean up household mold on your own.  The answer is no. Not well, not if, not but, not maybe, but just NO.  When you call in a certified company like SERVPRO of North Mobile County, you are protecting not just your investment but your family, pets, friends and anyone else who enters your home.  Why is it so important to call a qualified professional?  Mold is a remediation process that involves many variables and a fluid plan of action to account for any unforeseen obstacles.  Our team members have undergone extensive training to receive IICRC certification in mold remediation.  We have specialized equipment and treatment solutions to eliminate mold and prevent regrowth or spreading in the future.  Our team members also wear OSHA certified PPE gear to protect themselves and their health.  We have the tools, resources and knowledge to get the job done.  Don’t risk the health and safety of your family. If you have a mold issue call SERVPRO of North Mobile County and let us help!

SERVPRO Knows Property Management

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of North Mobile County, we work with a wide range of property managers.  The term property management is defined as:

The process of managing property that is leased to a tenant.  This includes handling all of the day-to-day activities that are centered around this specified property.  Properties may include residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate including single family dwellings, apartment complexes, hotel facilities, condominium units and shopping centers.  

We know that property management encompasses an exponentially large pool of possible remediation/maintenance scenarios.  We have developed customized cleaning services to meet the needs of each vein of the property management industry.  We have undergone additional training targeted towards facing the unique mitigation challenges that a large or multi-tenant property may present.  And we are also in the business of operating a business, so most importantly we understand that downtime means revenue lost.  We have the experience to get any job, no matter how large, done quickly and efficiently.  

The SERVPRO Advantage-Esporta Washing System in Mobile, AL

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Advantage - Esporta Washing System

At SERVPRO of North Mobile County we offer a full range of services to meet the unique needs of each commercial client.  One of the ways that we set ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to commercial cleaning services is our Esporta washing system.  From laundry and lines to delicate drapes and textiles, the esporta can clean it all.  Using a patented hydraulic quadrant system, this amazing system can even clean leather goods, sports equipment and so much more.  Each item that is cleaned is washed in a unique mix of detergents specifically customized to the type of item and contaminant.  The Esporta can clean items that would have been discarded using previous washing methods.  From heavy soot and sewage to mold and mildew, the Esporta can effectively remove 99.999% of contaminants.  If you have specialized cleaning needs, contact the experts at SERVPRO of North Mobile County.  

National Fire Awareness Week

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

As we enter February we are focused on Fire and the widespread damage it can cause to those affected by its wrath. February 4-10 is National Burn Awareness Week and we want to focus our attention on how we can help burn victims. One way that we can help those affected is to support the resources that are available to aid in their recovery. We have devoted our time and energy for over 5 years now to help raise funds for our local burn center. The USA Medical Center's Arnold J. Luterman Regional Burn Center is the only facility of its kind within a 250 mile radius to offer complete patient care from injury through recovery. Each year we host Crawfish for a Cause to raise funds for this amazing facility. This family friendly event offers all you can eat crawfish and beverages, live music and a silent auction. Tickets are only $25 for those 10 and over and include all you can eat crawfish and beverages. Children 9 and under are free. All proceeds go directly to the Burn Center. Last year we were able to donate over $12,500 to help this awesome cause. Tickets can be purchase on Eventbrite or by contacting our offices at 251-343-0534.

Are you Ready?

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

We all know that the best time to prepare for a disaster is before it happens. Having a plan of action in place can help us protect our property and our loved ones. In the insurance industry, the number of claims and claims costs can be drastically reduced when you give your customers the tools to minimize or prevent many common risks. Being prepared is especially important for property owners and businesses. Downtime means lost revenue and that have a big impact on your bottom line in 2018. Research has shown that as many as 50% of businesses never reopen after after experiencing a disaster. We can help get you ready for the unexpected in 2018. Call SERVPRO of Mobile Northwest to schedule your FREE Emergency Ready Profile consultation. We come to you and put together a customized plan with all of the resources you need to get your customer or business ready for the unexpected. This no cost service gives you all of the tools you would need in a disaster situation at your fingertips. The entire plan is available in an easily accessible app form for all Apple and Android devices. Call us at 251-343-0534 for more information!

Crawfish for a Cause

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Crawfish for a Cause We are honored to present a check The Arnold Luterman Burn Unit.

When it comes to property and contents affected by fire damage, the team at SERVPRO of North Mobile County are experts at making it “Like it never even happened.” We know how devastating a fire can be and often it is much more than material belongings that are affected.  What we do is just one step in the recovery process and we wanted to give back to others in our community that help care for victims of fire.  This drove us to host our 1st Annual Crawfish for a Cause event back in 2014.  What began as a humble crawfish dinner at a local restaurant has grown to a full scale family affair with over 300 in attendance last year!  We have now partnered with The Grounds to make this the permanent home of what we hope will become an anticipated annual event within our community.  All proceeds benefit the USA Arnold Luterman Regional Burn Center.  This facility is the only one of its kind within a 250 mile radius to offer life saving wound care for burn victims.  Utilizing the latest technologies, their staff of amazing medical professionals provide complete care from injury through recovery.  Each year they attend to nearly 500 patients that could not receive this type of care anywhere else.  The event, which is held each April, costs is just $25 per ticket.  Tickets are free for those 9 and under.  The admission price includes all you can eat crawfish, beverages, live music, kids activities and a silent auction.  Call us at 251-343-0534 for more information.

Magic of SERVPRO in Mobile, AL

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Magic of SERVPRO in Mobile, AL Onsite helping a business reopen their doors quickly.

Most consumers don’t understand the science of drying that is involved in water restoration.  To many it is simply like magic.  Their home is wet, the SERVPRO cavalry comes to the rescue in their green vans and it is dry.  Damage seems to magically disappear, but the truth is much more involved than industry outsiders may realize.  When you experience a water loss and call SERVPRO of North Mobile, the first thing we do upon arriving on the scene is to evaluate the situation.  Utilizing exclusive DryBook Mobile technology, we key a variety of variables in to our tablets and formulate a customized plan of action based upon each customers’ unique situation.  There are a multitude of factors that affect how we formulate our plan of attack.  First, what category of water is involved?  Clean water from a supply line, for example is handled completely differently than a sewage backup.  The location of the affected areas and the materials involved contribute to the level of remediation versus replacement.  The time of year, humidity levels and length of time the water sat also play a role in drying times.  All of our first responders are Certified Water Restoration technicians who have extensive training in evaluating all of these variables to give our clients the best results. It may look like magic but it’s actually the science that makes SERVPRO the leader in the industry.  

Fire Leads to Water

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Leads to Water The leader in Fire and Water Restoration.

Fire restoration is our business.  We are so glad that we can be there to help people put the pieces back together after a fire.  There is so much more involved than simply repairing the damage and cleaning up the soot.  Often times fire damage and water damage go hand in hand.  Obviously the way to put out a fire is with water.  As firefighters spray a blaze to put the flames out, many times contents that were not affected by the fire itself can end up as collateral damage.  At SERVPRO of North Mobile, we have crews that have been highly trained and certified in both Fire Damage and Water Damage.  From the moment we arrive on site, we communicate with our clients every step of the way and let them know exactly what to expect.  A fire is a very traumatic and stressful experience and we realize we are there not only to clean up, but also to console our clients as much as we can.  You can rest assured that from the packout process through the cleaning and delivery back to their homes, we will be there to assist with all of their questions and concerns.  And our state of the art processes and technologies, including the Esporta washing system, means we can clean their contents better than ever before.  From various soot damage to the formidable staining that soot and water can lead to, we can do it all.