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Crawfish for a Cause

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Community Crawfish for a Cause DIP Seafood knocked it out of the park again this year preparing 1,800 pounds of delicious crawfish.

Crawfish for a Cause 2018

The only thing hotter than this year’s Crawfish for a Cause event were the Mudbugs themselves.  DIP Seafood was onsite in their decked out crawfish kitchen on wheels, cooking up more than 1800 pounds of the delicious delicacy for more than 350 of our “closest” family and friends to enjoy!  We want to thank everyone who came out to support the event this year. Thanks to you and our local sponsors, we were able to raise over $10,000 to support the USA Medical Center’s Arnold Luterman Regional Burn Center.  The money is still rolling in, so we will have a final count on down the road but we just wanted to let you all know what an awesome job our community did supporting this event. We are so proud to have another successful year under our belts and look forward to next year’s event being even bigger and better!  Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with all of the news and important dates as we look forward to 2019

Hurricane Preparedness

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Preparedness Are you prepared?

Hurricane Preparedness

The flowers are blooming, the air is thick with humidity and pollen and school is just about to be out for the summer, you know what that means???  Well for us here along the Gulf Coast, it means it’s time to start thinking about hurricane season! Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30, 2018, with the height of the season falling around the middle of September.  Even though our minds are more focused on barbecues and beach trips, it is best to go ahead and create a plan so that you are fully prepared if Mother Nature turns her fury our way. If you aren’t sure of where to begin, there are lots of resources out there to help you find your way.  A great place to start is and  These sites will help you create a supply list, communication plans and even design an evacuation plan should it be necessary.  If you own a business, you can contact SERVPRO of North Mobile County to create an Emergency Ready Profile. This is a free service that compiles vital emergency information, photographs of crucial shutoffs, and contacts into an easily accessible app form.  Residential customers, you can create your own ERP by visiting clicking here.  Having a plan in place can help you minimize damage and recovery times!

Did You Know

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know?

Of course everyone knows what mold is and most of us know the hazards that indoor mold growth can pose.  Here at SERVPRO of North Mobile County, we undergo extensive training in order to receive IICRC Certification in the remediation of mold.  We like to think the knowledge this affords us, as well as our extensive experience in the field makes us an unstumpable foe. However; even the experts can learn something new each day.  We like to stress the importance of continued growth and learning to our team members. In that spirit, we went on the hunt for some of the most interesting facts regarding mold that we could find.  Did you know…

  • Mold isn’t so happy about happy meals....mold will not grow on a McDonald’s hamburger.
  • Mold damage can cause more than half a trillion dollars per year.
  • According the Mayo Clinic, nearly ALL chronic sinus infections are caused by mold
  • Some studies have a found a link between mold and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Commercial Mold Loss in Prichard, AL

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Commercial Mold Loss in Prichard, AL Mold in Prichard, AL

It’s that four letter word that no home or business owner wants to hear….NO, not THAT four letter word!  We are talking about Mold. And although it may not have been on the list of four letter words that your Mom told you not to say; its just as nasty.  Mold is a sneaky threat that can creep up on your home or business and ravage it before you even know its there. Here is a photo from a recent commercial loss that was handled by SERVPRO of North Mobile.  As you can see there was some water damage that occurred from a roof leaf. The moisture and warm temperatures in the ceiling cavity created the perfect environment for mold growth. Left untreated this could have affected the entire building and become a much bigger problem.  Thankfully these business owners called the experts at SERVPRO of North Mobile. We were able to effectively and safely treat the affected area and prevent future problems for our client.

More Than You Think

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

 Everyone knows us fire and water cleanup, but at SERVPRO of North Mobile County we do so much more.  We spend extensive time and resources training our team members to deal with a variety of complex cleanup situations.  One of the areas that we focus on is known as Biohazard Cleanup.  Often, even if people realize that we focus in this specialized area of cleaning they only associate it with human waste or sewage, but it can include more than you think.  Some of the areas that we specialize in when it comes to biohazard cleaning are:Blood-borne pathogensSewage BackupArson/VandalismAll of our technicians are IICRC certified in biohazard cleanup methods.  This means we follow all OSHA, EPA, federal, state and local guidelines to ensure that we properly clean and dispose of all biohazard contaminants on site.  Our team member are also trained to compassionately deal with customers who. May be going through a very traumatic personal experience.  Call us at 251-675-2939 for more information.

We Are Family

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

Community We Are Family Over 150 plates and 30 Boston Butts Sold! Thank you to everyone who supported our SERVPRO family.

We Are Family!At SERVPRO of North Mobile County we are so lucky to love the community we serve.  We enjoy being able to give back through events such as Crawfish for a Cause and SERVPRO Serves: Feeding Firefighters.  Supporting the greater Mobile area is an awesome honor, but it is even more amazing to be able to support a member of our very own SERVPRO of North Mobile County Family! Recently, one of our employees lost everything in a house fire.  We immediately came together to raise funds, collect donations and do everything we could to help this special person get back on their feet.   We hosted a BBQ event, selling plates and whole Boston Butts to raise money.  It was truly humbling to see the community come together for us and give back to help one of our own.  Thanks to the hard work of our employees and donations from local businesses and individuals, we were able to raise nearly $5,000 and a large assortment of household items and clothes.  We are so grateful for your support!d

Green Cleaning in Mobile, AL

3/4/2018 (Permalink)

Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time for the heavy duty scrubbing that we have neglected over the past few months. Do you dread the thought of all that cleaning? Maybe you don't know how to best clean certain areas or you don't have the proper tools to do the job. Whatever the case don't forget that green means clean! Let SERVPRO wipe your worries away and get your home or office in tip top shape to kick off the summer season.  And you can rest assured that all of our cleaning methods are effective and safe for you, your home and our environment.  When we say GREEN CLEANING, we aren’t just talking about the color of our uniforms! We will make it, "Like it never even happened."

Protecting Your Home from Mold

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Protecting Your Home from Mold

For most homeowners, mold isn’t something they think about until it is too late.  They don’t realize that it’s often what you DON’T SEE that leads to a costly and worrisome battle with mold.  Here at SERVPRO of North Mobile County, we take pride in restoring homes after a loss, but we also want to help you prevent disasters before they occur.  Mold is actually much more preventable than many other remediation disasters.  Here are some tips to help you prevent mold growth in your home:

  • Keep the humidity level in your home low, preferably no more than 30-50%.

  • Use and maintain bathroom ventilation systems.

  • Use both air conditioners and de-humidifiers.

  • Use exhaust fans in bathrooms

  • Use exhaust fans when using appliances (stoves, dishwashers, etc.)

  • Routinely check indoor sources of moisture (leaky pipes, appliance hoses, faucets, toilets).

  • If you notice water or condensation, quickly pinpoint the source and repair

  • Check all entrances for leaks, stains, and odors.

  • Clean bathrooms with mold killing products like bleach and keep them dry.

  • Watch your water bill; if it is unusually high you may have a leak

  • Turn off your main water valve when you trave

Why Mold is DIY Don't

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

For the weekend warrior, the slayer of Pinterest projects and the ruler of home renovation projects, the idea of hiring someone to do work for them is almost inconceivable.  For them, their home is their most treasured possession and letting anyone else put their hands on their sacred space would be an unforgivable act.  However; even for the most dedicated do it yourselfers, there are some home projects that are better left to the experts.  One of those projects is mold.  We have been asked more than a few times if it is safe to clean up household mold on your own.  The answer is no. Not well, not if, not but, not maybe, but just NO.  When you call in a certified company like SERVPRO of North Mobile County, you are protecting not just your investment but your family, pets, friends and anyone else who enters your home.  Why is it so important to call a qualified professional?  Mold is a remediation process that involves many variables and a fluid plan of action to account for any unforeseen obstacles.  Our team members have undergone extensive training to receive IICRC certification in mold remediation.  We have specialized equipment and treatment solutions to eliminate mold and prevent regrowth or spreading in the future.  Our team members also wear OSHA certified PPE gear to protect themselves and their health.  We have the tools, resources and knowledge to get the job done.  Don’t risk the health and safety of your family. If you have a mold issue call SERVPRO of North Mobile County and let us help!

SERVPRO Knows Property Management

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of North Mobile County, we work with a wide range of property managers.  The term property management is defined as:

The process of managing property that is leased to a tenant.  This includes handling all of the day-to-day activities that are centered around this specified property.  Properties may include residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate including single family dwellings, apartment complexes, hotel facilities, condominium units and shopping centers.  

We know that property management encompasses an exponentially large pool of possible remediation/maintenance scenarios.  We have developed customized cleaning services to meet the needs of each vein of the property management industry.  We have undergone additional training targeted towards facing the unique mitigation challenges that a large or multi-tenant property may present.  And we are also in the business of operating a business, so most importantly we understand that downtime means revenue lost.  We have the experience to get any job, no matter how large, done quickly and efficiently.